olivia pelts

“Olivia will impact anyone she is around in a positive way through her infectious smile and encouraging words. She sympathizes with those who are struggling, and points them in a new direction towards hope and lasting change.” —Emily Walker, Licensing Specialist


Olivia has been working with adults and teenagers for the last decade

in various settings both domestically and internationally.  Olivia is the founder of Sunshine City Counseling and is passionate about helping individuals live in the full potential they were created for as a life coach.  Every Monday Olivia can be found co-hosting The Nasty Girls Podcast where she and Amy discuss all things fitness and health related.

"I have seen people at their wits end, struggling with the heart ache of a break up and wondering "what now?” or “why do I keep dating the same type of person over and over again? People who felt like their past was keeping them from living their life. Feeling constantly worried about others. Unable to accept joy and love without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Those who feel controlled by anxiety, trauma and unwanted behaviors. Kids/Teens who are acting out behaviorally, defiant, unmanageable and uncontrollable. Parents who are at the end of their rope.”

 Olivia specializes in helping people who want something more, something bigger from life. She is here to help you discover and recover the potential you were created for in life.


Olivia co-hosts a podcast.

your favorite gal pal duo talking about fitness + mental health + life. Stay nasty.

90% of the change that occurs within an individual is dependent upon the relationship between the client and the counselor/coach