so you’ve had a lot going on…

You are amazing. Lets just start there. You brought a tiny little life into the world. You are struggling with the invisible hurt of miscarrying. You had a stillborn birth. You didn’t bring your baby home.

There is A LOT going on inside of you and all around you...and you’re not broken. In fact, 1 in 7 women experience some facet of postpartum depression. You may be thinking why do I feel so sad when I should feel happy? Why can’t I just get it together? Why am I crying all the time? While experiencing some mood swings and “postpartum blues” is normal (up to 2 weeks), it doesn’t have to suffocate you. Counseling is like taking a giant breath of fresh air. It’ll help you discover more about yourself, your hurts and how incredibly resilient you are.

i remember feeling so overwhelmed and so inadequate.
— unknown

Does this ring true for you?

>> Experiencing rapid heart rate, dizziness, and/or hot flashes

>> Experiencing intrusive thoughts regarding something bad happening to your baby

>> Constantly checking on baby’s breathing (may have difficulty sleeping while baby is sleeping due to need to continuously check on baby’s breathing)

>> Difficulty trusting anyone else to care for your baby

>> Having difficulty putting your baby down or not being near baby at all times

>> Experiencing obsessive thoughts about ways to keep baby safe