Parent Coaching

because kids are not the only ones who need a superhero


Parenting is an incredibly vulnerable space.

There is no "handbook," no one "right" way (most of the time). It presses on us as we carry the emotional and developmental weight of our children on our shoulders. There is very much the sense that our children are a direct reflection of us and when their behavior is anything less than pleasing, it is embarrassing. The need for perfection, having it all together and being the best parent is a crushing weight.

There is a different way.

Our goal is to help you be a whole parent both for yourself and your child. We truly believe that one of the most loving things you can do for your child(ren) is to reach out for help and support. Where you are able to look in and identify what you didn't receive as a child and how you would like to offer something different to your child(ren), so much healing can occur.

You are the healing agent when it comes to dissolving your child's emotional and behavioral concerns.

Trust Based Relational Intervention is a profound tool that Olivia uses to help teach parents how to parent their children so they grow up being able to regulate their emotions, develop social competence, and flourish in their own identity.

No one is perfect. We were built for community so reach out and get support.