cary’s face is coming soon ;o)

cary’s face is coming soon ;o)


Cary Robertson

For the last 8 years, Cary helped guide adolescents and young professionals towards an improved work/life balance, healthily transition into adulthood, and teaching coping skills to navigate life’s challenges. She trusts that changing an unhelpful perspective and reacting differently will establish a good foundation for a healthier life…


Christina Rogers

Christina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor determined to empower, educate and invest in genuine connections with those seeking a more fulfilling life. Christina is the founder of Mentality Movement and continues to find ways to bridge the gap between mental & physical health through online counseling…


Lauren MacKellar

Lauren Is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is passionate about helping couples, individuals and teens find connection, fulfillment and meaning in life through online counseling…


Olivia Pelts

Olivia has an extensive background in working with teens and adults both domestically and internationally as a mental health counselor intern (RMHCI). She is incredibly passionate about working with men and women who feel isolated and lonely find meaning and significance in their relationships.